Over The Weekend & Some Great Finds

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend.
We were kid-free for most of the weekend which was lovely, although we didn't do much but Saturday my sister Liz and I took my son to the beach. We drove to Scarborough Rhode Island and it was beautiful. The price wasn't so shabby. Last year it cost us $14 to get in, this year $28. 

The water was very nice, I went in many times and came home with a slight sunburn on my legs. 
The rest of the weekend included gatherings at our family's houses and of course fireworks last night. 
Today is going to be a relaxing day home and some catching up on housework. 

My guy's parent had a yard-sale all weekend long and my sister and I stop in and this is was I came home with.

I'm not to sure what its meant for but I see it being used in the kitchen holding utensils or flowers?
What I love about it is that its enamel, and old.
It has a spout. If anyone knows what this is meant for please let me know. 

I also picked this up
This measuring cup is also enamel
This would be a great vase. 

I came home with a deep cast iron pan, which we needed. 

I have always wanted one of these soap dished for the wall in our half bath. 

My favorite find is this

I also have always wanted a vintage letter press drawer 

They had many great items at there yard-sale, a lot of antiques.

I also want to mention the chair that these lovely items are sitting on

Well its actually a bar stool and I have 2 of them, they were given to me by a friend and he found them sitting by his dumpster at his job.
Then need minor repair, new screws and nuts but they are very unique looking.
I love the wood seats. 

Now here is something I need some help with

I'm working on these chairs for our kitchen, I didn't paint the seat to see how I like them, I would stain the seat also, but should I paint them all white or keep the seat un-touched?

My guy also put my light up this weekend in our laundry room, I'll be showing you that later.