A Trip To New York

My family and I had a wonderful time on our vacation.

We drove out 7 hours away from home to be on the Lake Erie side of New York. 

We  visited Niagara Falls ( more on that later )

We stopped half way up and stayed at a campground that wasn't that much fun and went into the pool and that was about it, then the next day we drove some more and went to another campground that was much better then the last one and enjoyed a day of hanging out. 

The next stop was our last campground for the rest of the week and it was on Lake Erie and were had a trail near our sight to walk to a private beach area and the water was perfect and there were waves and I love it! 

Here are some photo's I took on the ride 

Barns, farms, and wide open spaces and went through some adorable towns.

2nd campground we stayed at

Stop at the state beach before going into the 3rd campground

the three of them hanging out at the tent

The private beach we swam at 

I hope you enjoy my photos I have more to show but now I need to get ready to go out for a night of friends birthday parties...Have a wonderful weekend!