Where Have I been

I'm slacking on my blog, I've been busy busy packing and painting and friends visiting and I can not wait to leave for vacation.

We are driving up 7 and half hours to camp around Irving, New York. 
I have never been this far up in New York and excited to see how its going to be. I've been camping ever since I was little. We used to go in the Cape Cod for camping and then we started going to Lake Sebago, Maine since I was 12 and went every summer until this year. Having a new family member ( Zoey our pup ) we wanted to take her with us but were we go we can't bring dogs.So this year we decided to go somewhere new. 

We are driving in a camper, we've never done that either.
I have to say its will be pretty cool. The kids can sit on the couch or at the table when were driving. I can even pop popcorn in the microwave for a snack.
Its also been really easy to pack, I just put things away and put food in the fridge. 

From left to right
1. Driver area
2. stove and microwave area
4. couch
5.bunk beds and the big bed,and lots of closet space.
6. our bed
7. Zoey waiting to leave
8. bunk beds

We are leaving soon and I still have a lot to do, most of the kids clothes are packed, we just have a lot of last minute things to do.

I also had another custom order chevron tags for a lovely customer on Etsy. I finished it in one day and will be mailing them today.

This time there in plum color.

My mother came by yesterday to see if I wanted some of my grandmother's items. She sadly passed away in May but was ill and she went peacefully and happy.

I'm really thrilled to have a few items from her to keep and hand down to my kids someday.

I received these Bombay TV trays, we dont normally eat in the living room, but when we have parties and friends over it would be nice for everyone to have a table.

I also got this neat tray table? It is also from Bombay and its interesting. 
My mother says its a server. It folds up for easy storage. 

and last I put a few of my finds on my corner hutch.

These pearls were also my Grandmother's and I wanted to show them off in the dish. 

I will start my link party tonight and I hope everyone will join. I promise to get back to my blog as soon as vacation is over.

Have a lovely day!