I Finished The Kitchen Chairs

After about a month or less of working on these chairs (when I had the time) I finished them today.!!

I love the outcome that's for sure, they lighten up the room and they are smaller and not as wide so there is more room, isn't it great what a little bit of paint can do to make a big difference?

They have a interesting style to them 

This is what I had before in the kitchen

Although I liked the style, they were big and cheap, they kept breaking in areas and I was getting sick of gluing over and over again.
The new chairs are solid wood and old, they are very sturdy.

Here is what they looked like before I gave them a new look

I sanded the seats, added a dark stain, then sanded again and dry brushed the white paint I used to paint the chairs (my own custom mix with behr and BM) and sanded the seat again.

I took all of the little round wood caps that covers the screws and took a small paint brush and painted the inside, I like the screw being viable.

I only slightly distressed the chairs, I knew they would get roughed up anyway from the kids so I figured why not. I decided against painting the seat white again because of the kids and I dont want o constantly clean them.

I used my favorite Minwax Finishing paste wax in Light Oak for protection. I love using that product because its really easy to apply and does a great job, easy to clean and makes it soft. 

I'm so glad I completed this, now I have to redo the end chairs and my next project for the kitchen is making a new table top. I want a farm style table, and I love the base and legs on this one so instead of building a whole new table I will make a new top. I'm hunting for barn wood, I have a few places I'm awaiting e-mails back to see price ranged.

I'm not in a rush to complete that, I do have many small items I'm working on for Etsy, some shelves and little stuff like that.

Do you enjoy redoing kitchen chairs?