I've mention before in a post about my office/mudroom that I want to build a wall cabinet that has a pull down desk top, I drew up plans and it seems simple, I just need to get the materials and put it together. I also imagine it having a cork board inside to pin important papers, I pretty much want this to be our bill paying area and be able to slide the chair over to do the bills, maybe add some under the cabinet lights for some lighting?

Here are some interesting wall mounted desks photos I found on Pinterest

Very modern, this would be a wonderful idea for the kids rooms

Something like this but more simple and shabby chic style for me

I love this! But I need to be able to fold my desk top up to put it away as I dont have much space.

loving this

cute but to wide

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Hopefully I can get to the store this weekend for materials, its tax-free weekend in Mass and I'm planning on doing a lot of school supply shopping and getting what I need for a few projects. I was going to drive an hour away to go to a salvage store but I might wait till the kids go back to school.