Little Blue Shelves

I finished these the other day, I never took a before photo, I actually have been very bad about that because I have a few other projects I started painting and forgot the before photos. 

Getting good quality photos downstairs is tough also, I've been told using those natural daylight bulbs work well I need to try it out.

Imagine these being black, because that's what they were.

I slightly distressed the edges, I wanted them to look worn and old.

This is the very popular blue I used a lot, I feel like I haven't even made a dent in the gallon can. I just somehow love this color so much. Its the same paint I used on my odd server, the base coat on the nightstand, my chair in my living room, and the legs on my pallet table.

It was cloudy yesterday when I took these photos, I'm putting these up on my Etsy shop so I think I'll try again today for clearer photos.