My Great Free Find Of The Week

A old wooden ladder, I'm very excited about this freebie....where did I get it? In the neighbors trash. Monday I was on my way to take the kids to the lake and was driving down our road and saw this out for trash pick up. I reverse the truck and jumped out and through it in the back of our pick up. I'm so glad I saved it before the trash man took it!

The kids asked what it it and why do I want it, I told them I'm recycling.

I have one idea in mind, a wall shelf? I could nail the two pieces together so it has a wide shelf to place items on, and it would be unique.

I again searched on my favorite site, Pinterest for more ideas and here is what I found.

{ click on photos to see where they come from originally, the first 8 were found on Google I do not have there resource }

This is what I had in mind, I'd love to be able to keep the ladder together.

This is a smaller ladder but still a cute photo

This would be really cute to do with a smaller ladder!

love all these ideas

I thought about this idea but we dont have the room

This is another great idea

I love this photo

Very shabby chic

What would you do with a old ladder? I also like the ones I've seen where they use a small ladder for a pot rack.