Office/ mudroom & a updated bulletin board

We have a average size home, spacious and open but only 2 bedrooms for the boys to share, someday I could imagine having the basement finished and there rooms downstairs and a office for me upstairs but for now my office is combine with the mudroom.

I've posted before on my office/mudroom and you can see that here

I also have a large cork board for papers and my paint swatches and I decided to revamp it with leftover burlap and some decorated furniture tacks. 

I ran out of the tacks so I just did the two sides.

This is what the board looked like before

Here are the tacks I made out of clay for my new updated board
I will write a post on how I remade it later. 

If you read my previous post on my office/mudroom its clean and tidy well now its a mess

Messy and cluttered, now that school is about 4 weeks away I need to get this place into gear. I also need to make more room for my papers and etc...for my business and my bills.

I also want to build a wall cabinet that has a pull down desk top that I can write out my bills and what not on and folds it up when not in use, I though about this idea one day and thought it would be perfect since theirs not much space.

I also have some small much needed improvements in this room but I need to stop adding more to my list until the kids are back in school.