Organizing Stamps & More

We still do not have power, its been 4 days, I wonder how they did it back in the day? I've been doing fine, its a pain filling the toilet tank to flush, not having cooked food stinks, pb&j is getting old.

But I do have my handy netbook, a power converter for my car. Although my jeep is dead because I charged two DVD portable players, three DS's and tried to make coffee with my coffee maker but I guess my jeep wasn't powerful enough for it. 

Other then that I did do some organizing with my clear stamps, wood stamps and ink pads, which is much needed.

 All my wood stamps are now in one place, these storage boxes from Target are great fro crafts.

Labeled my storage boxes with leftover scrap paper and craft scissors.

Nice and neat ink pads, I keep them upside down because I was told that keeps the ink fresh, I'm not sure if its true but I'd rather be safe then sorry.

This is my pile of clear stamps, if you know how these are they are hard to organize in a bin, they stick together and some are tiny, so 

I picked up a wide binder and business card clear pages

I cut up cute scrap paper to place in the slots, then organize the stamps by placing the ones together that came in the same package. 
I placed tiny ones together.

Some stamps were still on the hard plastic that they came with so I cut them out to make it easy to slide in and out of the slots.

Now I can search for the stamps I want to use and keep them tidy and neat in the same place.

For some of the bigger clear stamps I will use page protectors.


I also spent the day organizing my Bj's and manufacture coupons to do a big shop tonight.
They expire soon and I dont want to miss out.

A few other things I wanted to share

This cute phone my mother gave me, I actually begged her to have it! I love that it looks vintage but the buttons work like a regular phone.

I added some gray ruffled fabric strips to my lampshade for some cuteness and I will have a tutorial on this later.

What have you been up to? Do you have any great organization tips for crafts?