Painting away

I love painting, its relaxing to me. 
I haven't painted a big piece since the kitchen chairs. I started working on this cute little server today.

I'm not quite sure what color it will be. I'll be scanning my fan deck for a week to decide. 
It has cute little wheels, which makes for easy moving, I also love all the detail so this piece will need to be distressed.   
I'm not into the hardware on this piece but that makes it more fun for me to get new ones. 
Here are some knobs I'm in love with from Anthropologie 

{ I pretty much love all of them }

I like this one because of its unique shape and the color is so pretty, I could see this paired with a bright white or dark gray paint.

I love mercury glass, this is very classy, I'd pair this with white paint, bright blues and dark colors.

I just adore this spoon pull. I would put them on a vintage piece for the kitchen. 

I like all glass knobs but this one seems to have its own personal look, I'd use these on anything, especially something for a shabby chic.

And my Favorite...thinking of using on this piece. 

uh...gorgeous. Just look at the design, its so mesmerizing. 
I want these.

I think I'm going to need to take a trip to the Anthropologie at my local mall....soon. 

After I finish these server I would like to get started on this piece

The glass door is in perfect condition, so that stays, but the corner brackets for the shelving needs to go, its an eye sore. I was thinking of replacing with permanent shelves, it will look more its age, this is an old piece.
I could see it having a fun bold color or design for the inside and a light neutral color for the outside.