Still in the dark...

We still do not have power, since Sunday at 1pm. 

The kids were suppose to start school today but they can't because some of the schools don't have power, so they are going to start tomorrow, maybe.

The thing that makes me annoyed is I saw the Nstar truck by my road and our family relatives who lives on another street received there power but we haven't, that was last night at 8pm.
I'm hoping to get it back on today, my biggest concern if the kids needing to shower, clean clothes, and food for school. 

I know others have had worse, and were lucky nothing more severe happen, the storm knock 2 pine trees down but not near the house or cars.

I cant wait to get back to painting and working on my bar/server.


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I had a great birthday also! My sister took me to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner and it was so good!
We also went to Anthropologie before we ate and I bought knobs for the server.

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Hopefully I'll have power back later today.