Updated Lamp For The Mudroom

Yesterday when I posted photos of the cute small office ideas I noticed how everyone had lamps and I always love a lamp but never thought to have one in the mudroom. 

I have a wall light near the computer so I didn't need one there.

I had a small wood lamp base in the basement that I was using for extra light and decided it would be perfect for the sitting on the shoe cabinet from Ikea and not be to big.

This is what the lamp base looked like before
It actually had a truck lampshade and it was in my sons room. I dont think he will mind, he will get a new one. 

I picked up the lampshade at Target for around $7, which is a lot for a small shade but the shape was perfect for the top of the shoe cabinet which is not very wide.

It also needed some cuteness, so I added faux bois ribbon that I picked up at the craft store for .98 cents a while ago. 

It looks great with the light on.

I painted the base with a Martha Stewart light blue oops paint in satin. 

Although it doesn't look like it gives of good light in the photos, but it does and for a 40watt bulb it seems brighter then the ceiling lights.

My guy asked why I put a lamp in the mudroom, I showed him some photos to prove it happens. 

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