Closet & Painted Floors

Yesterday I removed the carpet out of our master bedroom closet. It was not fun and kind of gross. So now I'm wondering what is living under all of the carpet in this house? 

I grew up with a father, still to this day who hates floor to floor carpet. When we lived in a house that had no hardwood floor and wall to wall carpet he ripped all of it out. We lived with sub flooring until we moved to another house.
{ I vacuumed while pulling the carpet out, ewww }

Now I know why he never like carpet.

Bugs, dirt,dust mites, mold, and just plane yuckyness.

Because we can't afford to replace the floors, and my guy says no way to living with sub flooring, I'm going to have to deal. I'll keep reminding him about the bugs and the dust causing our sneezing.

I still have to pull out the carpet tack strips around the edge, and some of the little pieces of padding, vacuum again, and pick out some hardwood flooring.
I would like to buy cheap unfinished flooring so I can paint the floor. 

A nice high-gloss blue like this would be nice, it just has to match my bathroom. 

Simple gray and white stripes would make a nice statement

This is nice also, this light pink would work great to match our bathroom.

I also love the idea of a high-gloss white, and maybe painting the whole bathroom floor to match. 

As of now my bathroom is a mess, all my clothes are in a pile, I have a pile for donation, other items that dont need to be in a closet and trash. 

This is before I started taking stuff out

I still have a lot more to do, there is shelving up top that needs organizing, there is also shelving along the right side and i need to go through that. 

This is the only lighting we have in the closet, I bought the schoolhouse globe over the weekend to replace it. 
See all the stuff up top? I'm not a hoarder I swear, this room is just been neglected, mainly because it got so bad over the summer, we've had lots of rain and humility and because one of the closet wall in a exterior wall it can become mildewy. 

I finally talked my guy into putting a window in the closet, it really needs it.

What are you working on?