Fabric banners and more

Well today was the day the kids went back to school.....I woke up early got everyone ready and they all made it on time. 

I did wake up to pouring rain and remembering I left my sunroof slightly open...opps.

I'm glad there back, they need it. I need the time to get things done as well, except I'm have to be at the bus stop 5 times a day! It doesn't seem fair to see the kids sitting on there front steps waiting for the bus, this is the only thing about living in the woods. Our driveway is about 1/2 mile long and the bus stop is at the end of our road, if they came to the end of the driveway it would be much better.

I wanted to get photos outside and of them getting on the bus but with the rain in all it didn't work out for me, those cute signs I printed, I found them on Midwestern Sewing Girl, but there originally from I Heart Naptime.

Yesterday we had a beautiful day, a little humid but it didn't rain. The party went well and my decorations looked great. 

I made 3 long fabric banners over the weekend 

these are fun to make, easy and I got a little over 1 yard for the blue and a yard for the yellow. The fabric is broadcloth and it was onsale for $1.99 a yard. 

To make these banners I made a template out of cardboard, school chalk to draw an outline and cut them out using my pinking shears and regular sewing scissors.
I pin them to the simple cheap ribbon and sewed on the ribbon.

Fabric was $4.50 
I had one roll of ribbon needed one more and that cost .99 cents, already had the thread so it was a total of $5.49

I had leftover blue fabric and threw it over the small table on my porch for a tablecloth. 

I picked this cute planter table for $1.99 at the craft store

and here is my not-completed outdoor bar

I wanted to use it for this party. I still need to add the bottom shelf and a few more coats of sealer and some hooks, but if I didn't use it now I wouldn't until next spring so I'm glad I did and was able to show it off.

My guy only helped me with making the shelf supports and screwing the shelf and back support, I did everything else. 

I measured everything right because it fit perfectly in this nook. I'm thinking of cutting a little bit off of the legs to ad casters. 

Once I'm completed I will have a tutorial.

I'm not much of cake maker but I decided to be against buying one and made this, I made the paper banner with scrap paper and stamps. 

And to end this post here is Zoey

she will be year this September 17th!