Faux Bois and The Dining Room Hutch

I've always loved the paint technique faux Bois
also known as false wood

The painting technique is simple if you have the two basic tools to create it.

{ Wood grain rocker }


 { Comb set }

Both of these products are from Home Depot from the Martha Stewart collection, and they cost $5.98 each. The comb comes as a set. These tools are handy for many other paint techniques as well. If your are a painter these are wonderful to add to your own collection.

I have to say this was the first time I tried this, and I wanted to add some fun to the inside of my dining room hutch, I'm not sure if I'll ever paint the hutch but I knew I wanted to lighten it up a bit and thought I would try out the faux bois technique on it. I always say if you dont like it after you paint it, you can always change it.

Before I tried it I watch a tutorial video on Martha Stewart's website, on the video its how to paint the technique on a dresser.

I wasn't sure how good mine came out but I really love it now, I need more lighter pieces in my house because its dark and painting the hutch isn't something I want to do, it was given to me by my mother who bought it off a friend. 

not the best photo but I took out some of the dark blue and white plates and places my nice white dishes that I use for parties. I'm not into the formal look and my dining room is definitely looking to formal for me.
I do love to show off my favorite dishes and my new ironstone pieces and I also use my hutch to store some of my knobs that I sell on Etsy.

I'm temporarily storing my baskets of crafting tools on the top.

{ Past and now photos of my dining room }

1. When I first put my dining room together, what was I thinking with the curtains.
2. thanksgiving table set up 2010, after I painted the walls and added new light
3. Christmas 2010 
4. February 2010, lovely roses from the other half
5. Before updated hutch
6. Now

I'm always changing things around, that's just me.

{ Now for The Quick Faux Bois Paint Technique }

I first want to add, it wasn't easy taking photos while doing this, but I tired my best, I also did the first half before to make sure I did it right. If you mess up a area just apply the glaze over that area again. Make sure you do that before it dries.

1. Prime and paint with the base color of your choice, I used Martha Stewart's Glass Of Milk, I already had it on hand. Sand smooth when dried.

2. Apply the glaze. I used a thick amount.

3. Get your rocker ready. 

4. Take the rocker and glide it down the paint in you do a rocking motion to create the knots and to end them, it took me a few practices to get it right.

5. Use the comb with the big and small teeth on it and just drag it down from top to bottom, this part is easy. I varied from using the rocker and the comb, I did the rocker a few times then used the comb to help create a more realistic look. 

6. Finished. 

I cant wait to try this technique again! I also want to do the herringbone effect. Which you can with the comb. 

Lets take a look at some up close photos with my hutch put together

Do you want to try this technique or another one?