Hall Lamps Makeover Part 1 { Fabric Lampshade Tutorial }

On Friday I gave these lampshades a makeover

I new when I bought them I'd redo them, I'm not much of a purple fan. They were only $4.98 each. 

To make these I picked up quilting fabric at Joann Fabric, it was $4.99 a yard and on sale for 25% off a yard. I bought 2 yards, but have plenty left. 

1. I used fabric, fabric scissors, glue and trim. I also used chalk and pins to hold the fabric in place while drying.

2. I pulled the purple trim off, measured my lampshade and marked it on the fabric. I cut two strips out at once so I wouldn't have to do it again. 

3.  I rolled the fabric around the shade and made sure it fit nicely. Then I started applying glue on the top and bottom and did up and down stroked on the shade to make sure the fabric wouldn't be loose anywhere.

4. For the seam I made sure it would start and end at the seam on the shade and trim off excess fabric and folded the fabric over and glued and pin it.

5. Once dried, I trimmed of the excess fabric on the top and bottom and I basically just hold the shade in the middle and turn it around while trimming, you want to make sure once to add the trim no fabric is showing through the top or bottom. 

6.  Now add the trim, I picked up cotton 1/2 inch twill, I like how it was soft you can see almost a chevron design in it.

I just glued the trim on and made sure it was on the edge and pin in place. Then I did the bottom trim. 

And that's it.

 much better then before. 

I painted the lamps also on my harvest table in the hall, that's what these shades are for, I will post part 2 another time.