I Love Purdy

A while ago I was online and went over to Purdy's Save the walls site and saw they had a share your story form and decided I would write why I love and only use Purdy brushes and the next thing I have a e-mail from they saying I won $25 gift card to a store of my choosing from a list. I wasn't sure to believe it or not until I went back to the site and saw a daily win logo and clicked on it, and saw my name on it.

After a few weeks I received my e-gift card and printed out and went to Home Depot, that's were I decided I wanted to use it at. 

  { similar to this one }

Of course I bought a new brush, I know I just bought some a few months ago but this time I needed a new brush for cutting in when I get back to painting around the house.

I also picked up a new brush comb

and this to update our closet lighting

I believe they are still doing this daily win, all you need to do is click on this link http://youcansavethewalls.com/ and enter "share your story" and you might win!

[ note: this post was all by me and not Purdy, I'm just excited to share that I won the gift card from them and wanted to share about there contest ]