Mod Podge + Pretty Paper = A Cute Dresser

I'm defiantly huge fan of Mod Podge.
It can do so much and Its simple to use and easy clean up. 

My new friend is leaving to go to school in England and she gave me this dresser.

I love the small drawers. 

{ Now with the Mod Podge and cute paper }

I wish I never drop my camera, this is why its fussy on the edge. 

{ Lets take a closer look at the paper }

All of the paper was 12 by 12 sheets that came from a collection of vintage looking designs. I bought the book at the craft store on clearance for $4.98. This made it easy to pick out the patterns and designs I liked and new they would all match perfectly. 

{ The hardware }

The knobs are defiantly not my style

so I added these 

I wanted to give the dresser a vintage and modern look so I use modern knobs. These a very affordable knobs from Ikea, they come in a variety of colors and you get 6 for $1.99.
They are made of plastic but they dont feel cheap, they are heavy duty and look as if they were made from glass.

{ The top }

With the leftover scraps I wanted to add them to the top. I put it together like a wood floor boards. 
I'm still adding applying the Mod Podge, you need a-lot of layers for the top. 

Its not a great idea to drop your new camera more then once....

{ How I did this Mod Podge Dresser }

  1. Pick your paper, I did all different designs. This paper is heavy duty and has texture in it. 
  2. get out your craft scissors and a pencil
  3. look at your drawer before its covered, and hope to never see it again
  4. remove hardware
  5. clean the drawer fronts, dry and have a snack
  6. get your brush and Mod Podge ready something flat to help with wrinkling paper
  7. place the paper upside down and place the drawer front on top. Using your pencil trace around the drawer.
  8. cut out paper
  9. apply the podge
  10. attach paper

When dry brush on thin layers of Mod Podge letting coats dry in between. I applied about 5 coats. 

I let it sit overnight and to make the holes for the hardware I press my finger to find the hole over the paper and use my craft knife to make the hole.

and that's it.

This will be going into my closet, I know why do I want to hide it, well I think it will be perfect for my socks and what not, and I only want one dresser in our bedroom. 

I will be showing it in my closet, when my closet gets its mini makeover. Working on cleaning it out now.

I will be sharing this dresser at many parties, you can see all of them at my party page at the top.

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