A Perfect Place To Hold Shoes

I made a trip to Ikea on Saturday with the purpose of only buying one thing, a small dresser. Normally I would not pay much for something not the greatest made but I could not find what I needed anywhere else. 

I've been focusing a lot on my mudroom, getting it organized and clean. I'm awaiting for my paint to arrive from dutch boy so it needs to be prepared.

I couldn't take seeing the kids shoes everywhere and the clutter so I needed to come up with something to hold there shoes. Our other Ikea shoe cabinet holds our shoes.

So this was the start to the organizing of the closet/pantry. I also use the shelves to hold food and extra cleaning items.

This is what the top looks like, I do not have a photo of the messy shoe area.

Here it is now

I picked up the Malm dresser, it was $69.99

And very heavy....I loaded it into the car myself but when I got home I opened the box in the car and brought the bigger pieces inside. It took me less then an hour to put it together. 
The drawers are wide and lock in so the kids can't pull them out. Cleaning them will be easy with the vacuum.
I had enough space on the side to store rain boots. It really does a great job, now the space is clean and clutter free. Next I'm painting the shelves white. Getting rid of items on the top shelf, add fabric to the curtains to make them longer.

I did happen to hit the "as is" section because its a must do, and picked up this lamp for $4.00

I bought some cute canisters to hold office supplies and 2 tumblers that are really cute but they didn't have photos on Ikea.com