Christmas Will Be Here Before We know It

It snowed last night, yup it snowed and Halloween hasn't even passed yet. I can't remember the last time it snowed so early here in New England

Supposedly there is nor'easter coming with heavy rain, snow and wind tomorrow night. Not looking forward to that.

But snow reminds me are creating Christmas cards and I do like to get a early start on Christmas cards, I enjoy sending them out every year.

Last year we had professional photos taken and this is the card we sent out.

The past two years I made them by hand. When I find my extras I will take photos of them to share. 

Having them made is fast and I just dont have the time to make them by hand, or that's just an excuse I know I can do it, I have tons of holiday paper and envelopes from when a card making business was going out of business I received a lot of good stuff.

Homemade cards are always nice

I also love to display cards
look at this these

Photo cards  
are so affordable these days and I like the idea of creating them online and having them shipped out, or spend .99 cents more per a card and they will send them out fro you at
Here are some of the cards I like that are all from


2nd favorite

3rd favorite 

and 4th

This year it will be just the kids and the dog in the photo, my photographer sister might take the photos.

What do you think of my choices? What are you doing for holiday cards this year?