Closet Update { almost done }

Why is there a towel on my floor? Well I had to bring in the old metal step stool and I was worried it would damage the floor so I put the towel down. I will say that there is less stuff today. I've accomplished a lot since I took this photo.

It did look like this not to long ago

I even started putting close on the shelves and a few items on the rack. 

I want to all the same hangers like these

These are from Ikea and cost $4.99 for 8

I also still haven't found the perfect small soft rug, I kind of want something with a fun bold print, either black and white like a zebra rug or colorful.

I also had this idea but not sure how good it will look. 

You see in the photo up top when you walk in the shelving for the clothes are right there and its not a pretty sight, even if the clothes are all neatly folded. I had an idea of putting up curtain wire around the shelving and adding curtains. This way you can go all around and cover the side that we see. What do you think? 

I like these ones from Ikea, but I'd go with just white if I get a zebra or colorful rug.

I finally got my mod podge dresser in

I know my stenciled wall looks blurry, its really not.

I love these rooms with closets hidden by curtains, although its not the same thing I'd do but they look good anyway

Only is I could fit a ottoman like that in my closet..
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