Halloween Decorations {1}

I like Halloween, mainly because I like eating the kids candy, but also because its fun for the kids. 

I dont like to decorate for Halloween in an extreme way but I do in a few areas in the house, I tend to use my mantel for all the holidays, my entry harvest table and in the kitchen.

This year I get to decorate in my blue hutch in my kitchen, I dont want to take to many things out so I kept it simple. 

I made the banner from printing out these labels from Matthew mead style , there are some pretty cool free printables from this site.

I printed them onto cardstock, cut them out, punched 2 holes with my 1/2 inch hole punch and used my soft cotton string to hang. 

I also got the skeleton and bird silhouette online, but cant remember where, they have been on my computer for a while now. 

This is a antique candle stick holder that I love ( and forgot I had ) but it doesn't hold candles very well so I placed some Halloween bulbs I had. I'm sure something else would look better in it.

Tomorrow I will share my mantel, and tonight I will be posting features of awesome Halloween crafts and food tonight so make sure to check it out.