Over The Weekend & Some Great Finds {2}

I didn't do a lot of shopping, as I'm on a tight budget, but I knew there were some great clearance items I eyed a few weeks ago at my favorite store to buy clearance, Target.

I've been looking for mirrors for the mudroom but lack space for them so I had an idea of placing them on the closet door, which is on the opposite side of the entry door. 

I found 2 of these on clearance for $4.98

There are 4 small mirrors in a pack, I've already started painting them white.

Ignore the random sock in the photo.

I have an idea of arranging them on the door almost like panels, except not being to low, the door knob is in the way a bit, my guy is suppose to let me use the nail gun tomorrow night so I can attach them.

Something like this

{ picture found from Google.com  }

Except I only have one door, and I can't paint it white, hopefully it works out the way I imagine it. 

I also picked up this desk lamp

This was originally $40 and I got it for $9.98, they always put there lamps on clearance, I need to go back and find one for the bigger boys room.
You can never have to many lamps. 

I bought this cute bedding set, it comes with sheets also, for $14.99, it was $60, its for the youngest who just received his big boy bed a while ago.

{the 2 photos above are from Target.com }

I went to a yard-sale today and picked up a few good things, I dont have photos yet but I got a old wooden tool box, brass candle stick holders, a metal ice bucket ( which I needed ) a mirror that has no hook for hanging and it seems like it would be perfect for a tray, and I got a wooden utensil holder, perfect for an updated look and to be sold on Etsy.

Over the weekend I worked on my closet more, I clean out a lot more stuff, and most of the clothes are out since they all need to be washed, organized and I just need to go through and get rid of some for donations, I already have like 10 bags between me and the boys.

Not the best photo, as there is no natural light in here its going to be very difficult to get good photos, You can see were I painted the bottom half, I did this because one I dont have tons of leftover bathroom paint and also all the shelving and rods are white and want to blend that into the wall. 

I want to have it organized and get white storage

This is for belts and not sure what else

I could use a few of these for pants

 And this pretty bowl for jewelry

{ all of these photos are from Ikea }

I did get my new schoolhouse glass shade up, after having to buy a micro mini light bulb 

This is what it was before, I painted the base, I just mix black and brown with a tiny bit of glaze to give it a shiny look, I was trying to go for a bronzed look, it looks much better. 

So the closet it getting closer to be cleaner, while I do a few things in there, my room on the other hand is piled with clothes and stuff from the closet.

I also added some cute pictures to wall in the closet, I picked up 2 silver frames for $1.48 each at Target

I'm not sure were I'm hanging this one yet, but you will see it all when I complete the room.

That's its, I have to say my favorite find was the tool box, can't wait to show you. 

What did you do over the weekend?