D.I.Y Three Tier Tray

Ever since I saw a wood three tier stand made from trays
 in a Better Homes and Gardens Magazine I had to make one, I believe it was in the November issue and it was a article on a woman's dining room she had it on her table. Of course mine is much smaller but I will be making a bigger one, I'd like to make some for my Etsy shop as well. 

I stained it in Minwax Classic Gray oil stain, it is one of there newest colors. It really looks great on pine and light woods. 

This cost me about $3 for the all the trays and $4 for both candlesticks, I picked them up at A.C Moores.
The trays are normal $5.99 all-together but they were on sale.

I already had the stain on hand 

What you need

3 different size trays, 2 wood candlesticks, dowel screws, drill, glue and a topper
I stained the trays and candlesticks about 3 coats to achieve this nice color
These are the trays with one coat of stain
small candlesticks, I would have bought a medium sized but they didn't have any just small and large.
These are double ended, and big, I bought smaller ones for the top tray

Drill hole in top of candlestick and on the other you drill in the bottom
Measure your tray to find center then drill hole through trays 
glue around bottom of candlestick and top of other candle stick
screw on first candlestick

then the next one

It should look like this

Pre-drill for screwing bottom tray to bottom of candlestick
Then attach the bottom tray to bottom of candlestick with a screw

Now for the top tray I pre-dilled a hole for the smaller dowel screw and screwed it in,  then I screwed the top tray on

For my topper I used this drawer pull

I removed the bolt and screwed it onto the dowel screw

So it now looks like this, I'm going to be covering the hole on the top with a brass hook, I just cant seem to find the ones I have. You could also cover it with a gem or something cute.

Isn't it so cute? I'm going to be using it to hold candy for Christmas then I might use it for office supplies or jewelry holding.
Also it took me under a hour to put it together only because I'm unorganized

I can't wait to make more but I will be making the trays this time because I want a bigger one.

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