My Favorite Time Of The Year

Is Christmas, always has been.
I've already started decorating, making crafts, and planning out where we will buy our tree. 
I hope you will join me for my Christmas craft party on December 1st, you can read about it here.

We actually watched "A Christmas Story" with the kids tonight, one of my favorites along with the very funny Christmas Vacation.

Here are a few photos from last years Christmas 

I had the most fun decorating in the dining room, mainly because of the freshly painted walls in BM's Woodlawn Blue.

I used a lot of whites, gold and reds in the hall on the harvest table

The mantel included many vintage items.

Used my mirror to hold cards

The Christmas tree gets filled with many decorations .

I love mixing color themes in my house for the holidays, lots of reds, gold and green in the living room and hallway, blues, whites and silver in my dining room and this year I mixed gold,blue and silver in my kitchen.
I will be showing you soon enough.

I love a mix of vintage,handmade and whimsical Christmas's

What decorating style do you have for this lovely holiday?