Tyler's Dresser

Dresser Now

Remember I told you I was working on a dresser for my son, it used to be my Grandmothers, you can read the post here.

This it what it look like before
I forgot to take photos of it all together, It was so nice out I couldn't waste much time.

I sanded down the drawer fronts and the top down to the bare wood and it was in perfect condition, I knew I absolutely could not paint it.
This dresser was made in Maine, from a place called Moosehead Furniture, they are not around anymore but supposedly my late grandfather received it because he did business with them.

anyway, I love the detail in the wood, I stained it in Minwax Driftwood, one of my favorites. I painted the detail around around the drawer fronts and the sides of the dresser in the Schoolhouse slate that I used on my server.
I wax it with Minwax Finishing Paste Wax

I love how the color looks different in different lights. This is without direct sunlight.

Up close

I had a hard time finding knobs I wanted for this dresser, The top drawer holes were under 3 inches apart, I was thinking cup pulls but for now I'm going with these i painted.

These pulls I bought from Target, but of course I couldn't let them be plane.
I'll show you this at end of this post.

I didn't touch the inside

My son is very happy with it, and we set it up last night in his room and all his clothes fit, even though its less drawers then the one he had they are very deep and wide.

Now he has something from my Grandmother to have forever

The drawer pulls

My inspiration 
These are lovely, they cost between $12 and $14 they are from Anthropologie

To much for me, plus there knobs and pulls are a little bit delicate for a little boys hands. 

So I made my own version.

I picked up these pulls as a 6 pack for $17.99 that's about $3 per a pull, I bought them from Target
I couldn't find anything anywhere else but when I saw these I loved the base and how there rounded.

This is how they looked

  1. a glue gun
  2. some jute
  3. umm kids scissors..couldn't find mine
  4. and a pull

I first unravel the jute a bit, I keep it on the roll until I'm almost done, to make sure I have enough jute.
I dab glue on the underside and place the end of the jute and start winding it around and I basically dab glue, wrap the jute around until the end. 
You do have to push the jute in to keep it nice and tight so no metal shows through.
To finish it off I cut to make sure the end will be underneath the knob so you cant see it and dap glue over it and spread around the jute so it doesn't unravel.

They cost me under $20.00

I will be sharing this at the awesome link parties, you can see all of them here