What I'm Working On Now

I finished the coffee table, I will be sharing it tomorrow if the sun works with me. 
Today I'm finishing up a custom order of painted knobs for my Etsy shop, and sending out packages and trying to do laundry and dishes. 
I also have to bring my pup to the yet, she has an ear infection. I remember when my son use to get a lot of those when he was just a baby. Now my dog? Anyway Monday was beautiful here, warm and sunny for November in New England, but I took full advantage of it and moved out some furniture out of the garage. 

Here is a simple maple dresser

All the drawers were already out when it was stored in the garage.

It sanded very nicely. 
This is a dresser that was my grandmother who had passed recently, I'm redoing it for my son to have a piece of her. 

Inside the drawers it says Moosehead furniture, from Maine. I searched the company but they went out of business.

Here it is in my workshop, I'm half way done.

Here is a table I've already sanded the top, this one will be stained in a dark walnut and I paint and distress the legs.

The hardware on top are the ones that came with the dresser. 

I also finished this flour sack towel and posted it on my Etsy shop, I need to make one for myself.

Well I'm off to work some more.