Christmas Dining Room and After X-Mas

I really did have a great Christmas, although it came up fast and it didn't quite seem like it was Christmas the family and I had a joyful time.
Christmas Eve I made a Cheesecake in the morning and cleaned the house...of course with my guys help. Then I made Christmas bark.
We went to the in laws for Christmas Eve dinner, did a yankee swap which we bring in something from the house we dont use or want anymore.
I received a set of tall glass candles. My guy got a mini food chopper. 
Then we went home and the kids went to bed while I stayed up into the wee hours to complete my gifts and clean the kitchen.
Christmas morning the 3 our of 4 children work up and 4:30 am and were told to go back to bed for a little bit longer. 

At 7:30 they were able to open there stockings and Santa presents.
Then we cooked and baked and cleaned some more and opened more presents and my family came over.

We partied all day, went to another family's house for Christmas dinner and more presents and then the guy and I played the kids Mario Kart....who knew it was so much fun.

The dining room was seriously put together in about an hour on Christmas Eve. Totally Last minute.
Because I used my table for a craft and sewing space it was a disaster but I had last minuet gifts to finish so I didn't want to put anything away until I was done.

We have our family over at 11am for breakfast, Its casual so I set out the plates and the chargers and silverware but unfortunately I couldn't find all my nice napkins so I didn't stress and just used paper ones.

My centerpiece was put together with a nice glass Mikasa cake stand then the smallest plate stand ( I didn't share before ) that I made on top. Then I added the blue tree and filled the stands with silver and blue ornaments. 

I love blue and silver for Christmas, but I keep it in the dining room because it goes well with the wall color ( 
Benjamin Moore's Woodlawn Blue ) and its just so pretty.

I placed my two other cakestands on each end of the table and added silver ornaments on top.

I used my silver glittery deer and my favorite bird lanterns, I've been wanting to use them on this table for a while now. I picked them up after the summer for $3.95 each at Michael's Arts and Crafts.

My runner was made from a cheap like linen material from Joann Fabrics. I made it last year, I had to make it extra long since I used all 3 leafs to fit 10 people at the table. I added silver ribbon along the edge and white pom poms at each end. 

For my window I added garland with hanging ornaments. I actually used this last year as well and I put it away together so all I had to do is hang it up.
I only added some Victorian style ornaments.

I placed the wreath over my chandelier, actually I stretched it out to make it oval and placed it on by going under the chandelier.
Last year it was on my centerpiece. 

I hung ornaments and my silver birds from white satin ribbon and kept the length shorts. I added some silver artfiacal greenery and more ornaments on top of those. 

 I love how it looks and the decor will stay up a bit longer so I can enjoy my last minute decorating.

After X-Mas

not to messy

I put the kids stuff all in there own trash bag so there items weren't spread all over the house

at last the mudroom kept somewhat cleaned.

Today I'm going to finish cleaning up after the Christmas mess and I have tons of dishes to do. Tomorrow I'm going to be cleaning and organizing my workshop to get ready for some custom painting jobs.
Do you clean up the mess first thing or relax more and take some time off?