A D.i.y Christmas: Christmas Photo Cards

Christmas Photo Cards

What you need

  1. Blank folded cards that include envelopes
  2. cute paper borders
 I found this, its adhesive so it was much easier then using glue!

3. Decorative photo corners
5.ink pads
6. photos

With your blank card and stamps start decorating. I take what I need and stamp the front first on all of them doing some different designs and let them dry then I stamp the inside on all of them and let that dry. 

I use clear stamps so I used ink pads for clear stamps and my only issue was the silver ink pad wasn't drying so I stop using it. 
{ I added the boarder first on this card but its easier to do it after stamping}
Once your done with that add your decorative boarder. I found the Martha Stewart adhesive boarders at Michaels Arts and Crafts on sale for $4.00. I just cut them to size and added 1 or 2 to the bottom of the card.

Now for the photos

I found these for $3.49
They are silver photo corners.

I place them on the photo first then I place on the inside of the card.

That's it!
Place in envelopes and send them out. 
I know I sent mine out late but as long as the receivers get them who cares when.

I stuck with the deer and birdcage stamp to make it simple. 

I was planning on having photo cards made but I ended up making them on my Photoshop and having the pictures made at Walgreen. It cost .10 cents for each photo.

The set of blank cards and envelopes were $7.99 but I used a 40% off coupon on them.
I only bought the cards, photos, boarders and the photo corners for this project.
Everything else I had.

So it cost me under $19.00 to make these handmade simple photo cards. 

This is also a great idea for any holiday that you want to send out a photo or even a thank you card.


 I'll be sharing my cards at link parties from my party page here