A D.i.y Christmas: Easy Tags

 Stamped Gift Tags

 simple deer

 birdcage and merry

 wood grain and deer

 I enjoy making my own tags every year. All you need is some stamps, paper, hole punch and ribbon. I use a variety of hole punches, including a ribbon punch. I love in mixing thick satin ribbon and jute and I wrap with postal wrapping paper. It makes my tags stand out. 

I prefer clear stamps, you can see where your stamping.
You can actually buy some holiday ones now for cheap at the craft store, they all seem to be on sale. 
I typically buy mine after the holidays.

For paper I use anything from cardstock to the assortment on paper I have from that old card making company. 

I mix ribbon up with satin, glittery, jute, skinny ribbon and yarn.

I just picked up more ribbon last night for more gift wrapping, I'll be keeping myself busy this week with wrapping. I'll be sharing more of that once the tree is up. Yes its not up yet, we are finally going to get one today!!

I also finished taking photos of my Christmas decor I'll be sharing soon.