A D.i.y Christmas: Paper Fan Wreath

Paper Fan Wreath

I love making paper fans, I made my first one as a banner and turned it into wall art I just took it down a few weeks ago. You can read my original post on them here

Not only do they make fun art they are also great affordable party decorations. 

I wanted to make a different wreath and I had this wood round shape sitting in the basement so I gave it a quick coat of paint then I made stripes with glitter and glitter paint.

{ adding glitter to wet glitter paint }

My first plan was to find a big frame and hang them from the frame but once I finished painting this I changed my plans. You could use anything from frames to attaching the paper fans to the side of the mirror or anything you can imagine. You might even find something at the hardware store made from wood that would work.

All my paper came from a big book of Christmas paper, picked up for cheap after the holidays last year.

What you need to make the paper fans

  1. 12 by 12 paper
  2. tape
  3.  string or thin ribbom
  4. bone folder
  5. glue not needed 
  6. scissors
Yes I used packaging tape, who knows where my normal tape is, I used the glue to keep the paper together but it wasn't necessary ,

I picked up this trio of red,silver and green thin glittery ribbon for cheap at the craft store. 

To Make a Medium sized fan ( the one on the top left ) you need to take a piece of 12 by 12 paper 
fold over about 2 inches of paper and the bone folder helps but not needed 

Then cut the folded piece off. You will need to make two of the same size pieces in the same print to make the medium fan.

Flip the piece over and fold the bottom edge over less then an inch.

Flip it back over and fold again matching the same size as the first fold.

Then you need to flip it over again and fold and flip and fold accordion style until it looks like this
Use your bone folder or fingers to smooth it flat to help make nice creases. 
It should look like this loose

Now make another one the same size

Now once you have finished the other one

fold each one in half

They should look like this

Take one and tape the wrong side together

It should now look like this. Do the second one next.

Now you they need to look like this

Again tape the wrong sides together
Now again attach the last ends together with tape

Now you have a fan but to keep it together even better were going to add the ribbon or string.

 There will be two holes at each end of the fans and that's were the ribbon or string will go through, you want to pull it through the front of the fan to the back and tie tight. You can also make a loop for tying the fans to something later.

Now you done! 

For my small one I used 1 piece of smaller paper (cut from 12 by 12 piece )

To make my biggest one I used two pieces of 12 by 12 paper

With the scraps from the first cut I made this tiny one

I'm really in love with my paper fan and wood wreath, it also works very well with my whimsical paper trees.
Tomorrow I'll be sharing my simple and affordable photo cards. 

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