A D.i.y Christmas: Plate Stands

Plate Stands

I've been saving some nice vintage and not so vintage plates I've had stored in my hutch awaiting for me to either hang them on the wall or make plate stands. 
{ The blue mercury glass vase didn't end up working out for me }

I really was leaning towards the plate stands. I love using them in the kitchen for food, or decorating around the house and since I also have plenty of glass candlesticks I decided to make some.

I used a Epoxy glue, the smelly kind 
I used am old craft brush and thick cardboard piece to mix the glue on and apply it to the top candlestick then attach the plate. I did sand the glass a bit with a find grit sandpaper also.

I flipped it upside down and at first placed something heavy on top while I worked on the other one.

Then I let them sit overnight. I actually bought a different type of glue or a cement it says but it didn't work very good so I ended up with the epoxy.

I think I'm going to use these on my dining room table.

They also make great gifts. 

I'll be linking these up to some parties, click HERE to see which ones I attend.