Homemade & Upcycled Gifts { Part 2 }

I made a set of four napkins for my sister Liz, she never used paper napkins so this was a great gift for her. 
I can't wait to show off the mugs and saucers and little ornaments she made for our family.

I up-cycled these bookends, and I dont have a before photo because I completely forgot to take one. They were pink and navy blue and had some characters painted on them. I wanted them to fit into a little boys room ( my nephews ) but also be able to stay in there until hers much older. So I kept the colors simple, light green,light blue and gray. I also hand-painted the a and b.

My last gift to share with you is this quilt I made, my first quilt. I made this for the nephew. Hes little over one year old and I made it big enough for his big boy bed.
I started making this in October.
Its made out of  cuddly soft flannel fabrics. All stripes on one side. 
I'm thrilled with how it turned out.....now I can start my quilt for our room .

That's it, those were all the gifts I made or up-cycled, to see my part one click here.

If I get some sun I will take photos of some pieces I finished, I can't wait to share the dresser I finished a few weeks ago, my sister found the knobs for it. 

Now I'm off to relax and watch a movie. Love vacation weeks and not having to wake up so early.