Homemade & Upcycled Gifts

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. 
I had a great time with my family and I'm going post some more this week and try to get some cleaning and organizing done.

I wanted to share some of the gifts I made for Christmas for my family first.

first up

An Upcyled Lazy Susan.
I painted this in almost the same colors as my striped coffee table.
 I used my stencils and topped it off with wax. 
I gave this to my mother. She actually saw it unfinished by my workshop and said she always wanted one but I couldn't give it to her the original way it was.
I took this photo about 10 seconds before my family came over

I wish I took more photos but I forgot
This is a flour sack towel that I gave a cute ruffle strip of fabric and then I stamped fabric paint onto another strip of fabric and sewed it on.
I made this for my guys grandmother. I love these towels the best because they dry and soak of water better then any of my other towels.
I also make these for my Etsy shop.
I recently made a bird one for someone on Etsy who had bought one I previously made and she wanted another one for her sister for Christmas.

I made these coasters awhile ago and set them aside. They never made it on Etsy and when I found them in my stash of creations I new my sister Liz ( who writes a blog called Once Upon A Tomato would like them. She also needed them.
They were made from rough tiles and stamps, ink and stamp markers and sealer.

Holiday 100% cotton napkins. 
I made these for a gift for my other half's aunt.
I originally had plans to buy these and make napkins for my Etsy shop but that didn't happen.

Tomorrow I will share some gifts I made and talk about my Christmas. I'm relaxing tonight as for yesterday was a long day.

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