New Years Party and Decor Ideas & Resolutions

Its almost a new year and a fresh new start. 

How do you celebrate your New Year? Do you have a aprty? Attend a party? 
do you hang out with your family at home? 

Here are some pretty party and decor and a few other ideas for a New Years Eve party

this would make a beautifully decorated table for a New Years party.

This would be a more fun and colorful New Years party decor

simple yet fun

I love all the fluffy white and hanging ornamnets

I like the balloons on the wall to look like bubbles, great idea for New Years.

A children's New Years Eve party is a excellent idea

paper fan clocks

This is another great idea and besides being nifty for new Years you could do this for a kids party or graduation

Pretty and sparkling napkin holders

add some metallic sprinkles to your plain cupcakes

and paint your nails with glitter polish

or wear something that sparkles

I love this dress, its not my style one bit but I do love it

My New Years resolutions are going to be kept simple.

I need to go for more walks
I need to do yoga more, but mainly I want to keep the house clean and organize and finish a project before starting a new one.
I need to eat more veggies also.

I'm sure I'll add more....Have a happy New Year!