Our Tree

I did not go with any theme for the tree, I went with let the kids go crazy and I decorated the top witch I'm making a tree topper I'm just behind a little. 

I still can't believe that Christmas Eve is tomorrow. I finished up my handmade gifts which I will share soon and I took out the cream cheese to soften to make the cheesecake tonight. I have a feeling I wont be going to bed until 2am. 

I only need to make the Christmas bark tomorrow, clean the whole house tomorrow with the help of my hunny and the boys get to clean there rooms. 

I cant wait to set the table and share my dining room, its going to be simple this year.

I do have to return one gift that I got for my dad because my sister got the same thing, its not big deal but I was pretty proud of myself to have all the shopping including the grocery shopping done so I didnt have to go out tomorrow. 

On with the tree

Lots of handmade ornaments, including new clay ones I made this year. Fake sugar coated fruit garland, its vintage and my mother gave me them years ago.

We have this opening on the right side so we decorate that also

I used mostly the postal paper and this red snowflake paper

I couldn't find our tree skirt so I made a quick one out of burlap and sewed string to tie it around the tree stand. 

A few items I put in tins, Its nice to give a gift in something reusable.

It was hard to get good photos, this is the bicycle tag I made from clay.
 I used my tags and kept the presents simple.
Some I added an ornament to, these are plastic so no worry about them shattering. 

Normally our big chair that I made a slipcover for sits here but we had to move it for the tree and now its
here. It doesn't fit in here at all but its only temporarily.

I actually need to move a few more things around before Christmas morning, like the big ottoman and the side table by the couch. I need to fit in more small chairs especially next to the fireplace. 

It will get done......eventually.

I should have my post on my dining room tomorrow night.

Happy Holidays!