Quick Chair Redo

I finished one chair, I know It would have made more sense for me to do both at the same time but my temporary chair was breaking so I quickly gave the chair a makeover before it broke.

Before I made this chair black along with the other previous chairs
But then I made over the four newer chairs
So I put the two chairs downstairs for makeovers but it just hasn't happen yet.
At least for the other one anyway.

So I'll get the other one done soon enough

I sanded off a most of the black and the sealer that I previous put on and I stained the bare wood in dark walnut. 
I gave it a coat of light blue and then two coats of white.

Then I sanded away...using my electric sander.

 I used wax for a sealer.

Now I just need to work on the next one...and I'm enjoying the lighter look in the space now. 

I'll be sharing this at some link parties, check out my party page here