Boys Bathroom Stenciling Done

I finished stenciling the boys bathroom. Remember when I did the Cutting Edge stencil giveaway? I mention they gave me my choice of stencil.

I picked this one
They also gave me a foam roller

and a clip on stencil level

I chose to keep the colors light and simple, I used a light green for the base of my stencil and a light gray in satin for the top coat. I also used that same gray for the rest of the bathroom. Its not easy to take photos of this bathroom or get good images of the stenciling.

Before it was a plain white color on the walls

another before and after
there is more to be done in this bathroom, but I'm glad to get coats of satin paint on. Its so easy to clean.

The stenciling
The stenciling wasn't so difficult it was getting it finished before the boys came home.
Having the level helped keep it straight.

this is the wall before painted

with the light green base coat

 in the process of stenciling

  stenciling almost complete

stenciling before and after

The stencils from Cutting Edge Stencils are durable and easy to use. I love that it came with the full wall stencil, a single stencil and a top stencil for the ceiling.


The instructions were easy to read and follow.
They are also easy to clean. I had to rinse the wall stencil in the tub but the paint comes of easy.
I just used lots of blue tape to adhere the stencil to the wall.
The stencil level is a must to keep a geometrical pattern even. Your first stencil on the wall has to be even to assure the whole wall will be.

Now that the stenciling is done, the wall is painted I just need to paint the tiny wall between the doorways and the stencil wall.

my guy decided to paint the doors and never finished the rest, this is why painting should only be done by me
Anyway I need to fix the drawers in there cabinet.  Give the cabinet a paint job and new hardware. Unfortunately a new counter-top is not in our budget right now. They need a new sink facet as well.

A new light fixture and a frame around the mirror.
Then I need to work on the tub side.

That will happen soon. 

But for now its almost complete and I'm hoping to finish things up so I can finish my other projects around the house.

Thank you Cutting Edge Stencils for giving me this fantastic stencil to review.
I'll defiantly be wanting to try the craft size for furniture. 

I'll be sharing this at link parties, click here to see which ones I attend