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Sometimes...well most of the time I go to the craft store to pick up a few supplies and end up bringing home other things that weren't on my list.

To make these
I picked up these unfinished hearts

sorry for the bad quality photo

and I stained them in dark walnut and painted one side with a very light pink and a dry brush method.

I used these tiny hook and eyes

and used my powerdrill very gently to start a hole and then I hand screwed them into the hearts

I hung them on a piece of satin white ribbon

and that is it

simple and cost me around $4.00 

this is the paint

it is called ballet slipper and i bought the sample size on clearance for .50 cents at The Home Depot

this and the dining room are the only areas I'll decorate for Valentines day

I finally took out my cloche I bought for $4.99 at the Christmas Tree Shop, I added the little bird and some red satin ribbon and white cotton string to mimic a nest.

I picked these up from Michaels Arts and Crafts , they are in the dollar section, although I'm not sure where they will go yet 

Valentines Day is on a Tuesday so I'll be making a nice dinner and dessert and spend it with our kids

I wouldn't mind being taken to the Cheesecake Factory on the weekend

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