Kitchen Art Update & How To Hang With Anchors

Last week I finally hung the picture up on the other wall, after weeks of the picture leaning against the wall on the floor. 

Its not like its hard to hang a picture but it was just on the bottom of my long to do list. 
I still need to sand and paint over the holes on the wall the picture was on.
and I still need to paint the other chair

Here is an older photo where you can slightly see the picture on the other wall, it was also placed too high. 

Whenever I need to hang anything heavy and this picture is heavy and can't screw screws into a stud I use anchors or you call them wall fasteners. 

You also dont need to worry about when your kids running around the house and knocking things off the 
So today I'm going to share the how to on this

There are so many different anchors or wall fasteners but I typically have these on hand and I've used these the most. 

The first thing you need to do with hanging anything is measuring, this needs to be 100% accurate to insure you hang your art or small shelves evenly.

I take my measuring tape and measure the exact spot where the hanger sits on the screw to the other hanger and then using a pencil I mark that on the wall I'm hanging on. I measure the distance from the hanger on the art and the top of the frame to know where it will be on the wall. Then I use my level and straight edge to to make it even. 
note: Take your time and measure twice , its not any fun if your art or shelf is crooked after installing the anchors otherwise you have to fill the holes and try again. 

level and straight edge

 the other tools you need 
measuring tape 
nail setter

With your wall marked and ready 

get your hammer and nail setter 

and hammer the nail setter into the hole you marked. 
This makes the hole so you can screw the anchor in. 

now get your anchor 

and I prefer to hand screw the anchor in, I use my ratcheting screwdriver so its faster and easy. Sometimes with a power-drill you can strip the anchors.

now that its in

drill your screw in using a power-drill

depending on the hanging hardware your screw might need to stick out a little more

now follow these steps again for the other side

once you hang your picture or shelf check to see its level 

its level

and finished.

This is defiantly a good thing to learn, I use to have to wait for my guy to do it and then I decided I had to learn so I can get it done when I wanted it.

note: I only know how to attach anchors to drywall I've never done it on any other material.