Our Master Bathroom {update}

Its been almost a year since I gave our master bathroom a makeover. 
I took pictures the other day because the sun was coming in through the window and the bathroom was completely clean! 
After redoing our closet the bathroom was pretty much a disaster. Since I basically took everything out of the closet and placed it around the bathroom. 
Anyway before Christmas I had it sparkling clean.

You can read my original post when I completed the makeover here.

This is what you see from our bedroom doorway to the bathroom, the closet is on the left and the shower on the right, you can also see our lovely pink hot tub....that we never use.

I also believe my photography skills have much approved since then

I used to have another mirror on the wall, but when we had a storm in the summer it somehow fell off the wall and broke into the tub. Its on the bottom of my list of to do. You can read my post on my wall art here.
My chandelier has to be one of my favorite items in the bathroom. You can also read more about that here. I do want to change out the candles for something with color and skinnier in size.

You can read about my fabric roman shade here.

I bought these towels a few months ago on clearance for $4 a piece, love the yellow.

 my vanity area. 
My shelf I made over you can see that post here.

This is the corner of the vanity sink area, the tray from a thrift store holds a few items. It helps keep the clutter in control, although I always have a million paint brushes sitting by the sink. 

That's it for my bathroom update. I was actually planning on sharing this as a part of my favorite room makeover of the year but never got to it. 

Its still a work in progress. As for the pink....it doesn't bother me as it used to when we had pale yellow walls.

have a fab weekend and if you want to win a beautiful dress from shabby Apple you can enter here.