Retro Winter

I've mention before about this app for my android phone that I'm currently obsessed with....its called Retro Camera and its somewhat like Instagram but unfortunately android users cant get that app yet.

I took a bunch of photos with my phone on finally snowed here.

On this app you get 6 vintage like cameras that take different photos and most have black and white option. 

They have a Polaroid like option

This photo below is what it looks like when you taking photos

Here are my photos
I'm still learning about this app so I can't remember what camera option goes to the photos.

This is my driveway

This is a normal photo from my phone...not using the app

more retro winter photos

a view of the woods to the pond

our driveway and looking up to the house

one of the junky vehicles in the yard favorite chevron scarf and a trash barrel filled with scrap wood int he background

very cool looking jeep

non wintery photos

camera tags


 chandelier in the master bathroom 


shelf in b/w

table I'm working on


Zoey looking out the window
driving down the driveway

the shabby chic dresser
my sister made mugs and saucers for my family...with our own names on them
new knobs I painted

Yesterday we finally picked up a wireless router so we can stream Netflix....we watch about 6 episodes of Storage Wars.

This late afternoon was about watching the New England Patriots win....I made salad...french fries and hamburgers....I also made a chocolate cake earlier for tonight and very yummy easy nacho dip which consists of cream cheese, salsa and cheese on the top and you bake it until its melted and eat it with tortilla chips.

Its really simple yet very delicious