A Small Closet Makeover On A Budget

our closet is finished, cleaned and organized

Before I made over the mod podge dresser I new it would go into the closet. Its not to big and has small drawers. Although my family thinks I'm crazy for keeping in the closet where no one can see it but I need it more then for looks.

On top of the dresser is a mirror I picked up from a thrift store, some art ( also art on the walls) and a tray my son painted for me and a vase filled with some items like scissors.

This is what the closet looked like in the process, you can read more here

I still haven't bought the wood hangers I wanted, only because I forced myself not to visit Ikea until after the holidays.
Everything done in here is on a budget, including my rug I paid $6.00 for from this local store called Ocean State Job Lot. 

my stool , which makes a great seat t put on shoes and it helps me reach to the top of the shelving. 

I bought these shoe bins to store my dressy shoes and clutches, I'm not much of a shoe girl. I like my chucks and my boots. I also only have about 4 handbags and a few clutches. 

This middle section is for our shoes, okay mostly my shoes. Everything on the top left of my closet are my craft items. We lack storage space in our house so I made room for all that in here. I want to have all matching containers and place to store my pillow forms but I'll gradually buy those throughout the winter. On the right side I have three matching large bins filled with summer clothes, my guys stuff and some other stuff. 

my guys side

Most of our clothes are folded and placed on the shelves

I only hang certain items

That's my new bathrobe hanging to the left. I have a few hooks on the wall for items like that. 
If you look to the right you can see the open shelving, where all our folded clothes sit. I was trying to figure out a way...a cheap way to hide that. I talked my guy into putting up some kind of wall. You can see this straight from our bedroom and bathroom and its not attractive. Then I could hang some art or small shelves.

The paint used for the wall was opps paint from Behr at $5.00 for a gallon, the floor paint was opps exterior paint from BM at $10 for a gallon and the stencil paint was a sample size of Behr that cost .75 cents.

Most of the storage bins I had, the shoe bins are about a $1 each.
I spent about $10 on bins.

The light fixture which clearly I cant take a good photo of cost me $5.00 to redo. I painted the base to make it look like oil bronze. I bought the schoolhouse globe from Home Depot for $5.00 and replaced it with the old round one.


I donated lots of old clothes in the process. I'm very happy with our new closet, I use it everyday to get dressed in and love it.

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