D.I.Y Metal Cage Flush Mount Light

Over the weekend we spend most of the time organizing the basement and moving in all the new goodies I've been collecting.
I also finished updating my flush mount lights in the mudroom. If you read my post here about the metal cage lights you will see what inspired me.

I love the industrial look and we needed to update the light fixtures but I really didn't want to spend a lot of money or buy just any flush mount fixture. So I had an idea in my mind and searched the internet for metal baskets that had to be the right size I needed.

I found these small baskets from the Container Store.

outdated light fixture 

 First I took down the glass shades on the light fixtures and sanded and cleaned the light mounts. 

I mixed black and gray and silver metallic paint together to get a metal look. I used a small artist brush and a foam pouncer. Painting on metal can be difficult, I wasn't about to take the lights down and spray paint so using the foam pouncer works better then brushing but I used the brush to cut in the edges. 

This is how it looked after the first coat of paint, without using the foam pouncer. 
It took two coats of paint and a few touch ups to get the matching look. 

Now to attach it, because there are already holes for the screws to attach the globe I found longer screws and painted them the same color to match and it worked great. This way the basket comes off easily to change the bulb or to clean the dust. 

and that's it! Easy and cheap. The baskets were $9.99 plus tax and I had everything else on hand. 

without light on

 with light on. I actually bought those vintage light bulbs from Home Depot like I said in the previous post but they were to big and they got hot fast. I actually dont mind the light bulbs I'm using now. More energy efficient.

now I need to order two more baskets to update the other lights in the nearby hall.

I'm really glad this worked out. My other option was to get schoolhouse globes but I would of had to change out the hole light fixture to get a small base. These were 6 inch and they only make the globes for 4 inch at my hardware store. 
I'm glad I went with my idea.
Plus each it only cost me $9.99 plus tax to update each light!
I will be sharing this at link parties, check out my page here to see which ones.