Laundry Room Organizing

Recently the laundry room has gone out of control. I've been so busy with custom painting, Etsy stuff, the kids and getting sick that poor room has been neglected.

I started tackling it and decided it could still use some help with organizing and I found some inspirational photos that I defiantly would like to have happen in this room.

Although it had a makeover and we bought a beautiful pair of front-loaders its still not complete.

I really want to either have my guy build a base underneath to lift the washer and dryer up and place a piece of wood counter-top on to make it look nicer.

Or skip the counter-top and make the base larger to fit baskets

I was also thinking we can place the dryer on top of the washer and make more space like this

I need a a bar in the room like this, I have plenty of dowels in my studio for this.

I also need some help with organizing my cleaning items like this.

I like this also

a cute jar like this for all the lovely items I find in the laundry....

Stain remover all in one place

this is a must! 

Spring is right around the you thinking of areas that need organizing? I have a few areas in need. 

{ click on the photo for source...all photos were taken from Pinterest and also can be found in my Lets Get Organized Board }