A Little Organization and Art

Sunday was my fun day. I needed a day out to do what I wanted with out the kids and just get out. Since I've been painting and busy with other things I haven't been able to go anywhere and I've been wanting to go to Ikea for a while now. 

I actually didn't buy much. A few storage bins for the closet to hold my crafts and a pillow for one of the boys and I only bought one item in the as is section which is this

This is the Soder wall lamp and I found it for $8. I guess its normally $29.99. I have the perfect place for it also, my closet. My guy needs to put in outlet in there so I have to wait to get it up.

The rest of the day I spent cleaning the house. I finally hung the art I had to put in our bathroom. 

I painted the frames a long time ago, they happen to match the color on the back of my shelf I painted. You can read that old post here.

I hung this trash can from Ikea on the inside of the door under our master bathroom sink. 

I organized my drawers

I even cleaned out my make drawer and threw away old make-up. 

It feels good to be organized. Now I just need to do this to the rest of the house.

I also wanted to share some fabric I picked up on Friday at this discounted fabric store near me that sells amazing cheap fabric. This is the place I bought the fabric for my fabric rug.

I found this yellow and gray wide fabric, It cost $5.99 a yard. I have plans for this. 

This fabric was in the remnants section for $2.49 a yard. This is also wide fabric and I dont have plans for it yet but loved the orange and blue. The fabric looks better then in this photo. 

What did you do over the weekend? Are you kids home from school for the week?