Metal Cage Light fixtures and I'm Going To Make One

I just love the metal light fixtures I see on blogs, Pinterest and fancy stores online.

like these ones

some of them are bought or someone made them, like these last two photos had me looking for wire baskets online. I found this one from the Container Store.

Perfect look and a great price at $9.99 a basket. This one is also the right size I need. & in square and 5 in height. 

So I dragged the kids out and we went to the store and to make it more exciting for the kids I took them into the mall to have lunch. 

My plan is to make a these into a shade for our ugly lights in the mudroom. I will show more when I complete it, I need to make sure this works and so far its looking good. 

Home Depot have these old fashion light bulbs that will go perfectly with the look I'm going for.

I have pinned all of these photos to my lighting board on my Pinterest, feel free to follow me!

It feels good to work on a little project for the mudroom, since its makeover got delayed.