Pendant Light Upgrade

I came down with some stomach bug in the middle of the night it also included sleepiness and severe headaches so I've been in bed most of the day today and hoping to fee better tomorrow as I need to get the paint for the custom order and start the first coat.

I've completed the sanding,cleaning,priming and more sanding.

I just don't like getting sick, although its nice my guy brings me drinks and saltine crackers. 

Almost a year ago I posted about my kitchen pendant light and the shade for it, you can read about it here
The shade was white and somehow becoming very dirty with food and liquid splatters and couldn't be clean.

I swapped the shade for this FOTO Pendant light from Ikea

I found the set in the As is section for $4.00 this size is normally $19.99 
I just didn't used the cord set and attached it with the ring that was holding the previous shade.

I like it better then the old shade and its easy to clean

This is the before picture

It also matches our industrial pendant light over the table

I just love the as is section at Ikea!