Great Ideas - With Dresser Drawers

 Sometimes when you get a dresser or any furniture with drawers but its old or not worthy of painting but the drawers are nice? For me its usually the opposite but I've received a few dressers lately that were not worth painting but the drawers were actually nice. 

After reading Susan's post ( from Homeroad ) this morning on Extra Drawers I thought I'd share some inspirational photos that are great ideas that you can do with drawers.

I love this idea of having them as wall cubbies, especially for books in the kids rooms.

 or place them together to make it one big wall cubbie

 this is a very unique way to hold you kitchen goodies

 not being prefect is perfect.I love how a few are painted and bare wood is shown.

Thomas Wold is amazing and I love his work

 via houzz

 You can just set them up as a standing bookshelf and add wallpaper inside and it looks fantastic

 Nesting them in the living room for storage.

holding tasty goodies the guitar.

 via from pinterest addicted 2 decorating

 This is a great idea...I dont love plastic under the bed storage so this is just awesome.

Now save your drawers.....I know I am


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