How To Redecorate The Bathroom On A Budget : A Guest Post

A big thanks to Bahram from Dulles Glass and Mirrors for this guest post on how to redecorate the bathroom on a budget. I'm always looking for new ides on a budget.

How to Redecorate the Bathroom on a Budget
Many would like to redo their home bathrooms but are hesitant due to what they perceive are the high costs involved. With a little bit of creativity and compromise, you can start saving money, and start turning heads with your bathroom.
If you can't afford to swap out your whole sink, vanity, tiling, and bathtub, there are great alternatives.
A fresh coat of acrylic, water-based paint and new bathroom plumbing fixtures (all the same color) will give your bathroom a facelift and that new pop. And both are affordable and will beautify your bathroom. The more Do-It-Yourself and hands on you can become, the more money you will save. YouTube is filled with tons of do it yourself remodeling tutorials. Become a remodeling maven, and save money.
You should also consider replacing your old vanity, medicine cabinet, and lights to give your bathroom that bright beautiful look, while being functional.
Being on a tight budget, there are several options to keep the costs down. You can keep your existing vanity, but replace the vanity top, and sink. Sanding down your old vanity and repainting it or wrapping it with a new outer cover is another option.
We all would prefer a large granite slab for our vanity tops, but that isn't always the most affordable option. By instead replacing your vanity top with a granite tile kit, you will save as it is only a third of the price, for the same modern stone look.
Most designer bathroom tile is quite expensive, but that doesn't mean you have to replace every single tile in your bathroom with it. You can use it sparingly as trim or a border.
More specifically, you can keep your original bathroom floor tiles, but still add a new design cue to the floor. To do this, you can cut an in-set in the floor tile and insert a different designer tile to add a contrast to the floor. Today's most popular tiles include: natural stone, pebble tile, stone mosaic tile and stainless steel tile.
Don't stop there, do a search online and with a little bit of effort, you can find a modern looking vessel sink and faucet, at an affordable price.
Need more storage in your bathroom, on the cheap? Installing a spice rack is one affordable way to store polishes and lotions that you may have in the bathroom.
Want to keep your existing tub? You can have your existing bathtub refinished and painted a new color. This is cheaper than swapping it out for a brand new tub, but it will still give your tub that brand new shine.
And if you can't afford installing a full set of skyline sliding glass doors to your bathtub, you can also opt for an affordable glass bathtub screen, which reinvents the bathtub enclosure into a modern, attractive, centerpiece.
These redesign and decoration tips will make your bathroom look very high-end and modern. And your piggy bank won't hate you for it.

About the Author
Bahram Nasehi is a Vice President and partner at Dulles Glass and Mirror. He is instrumental in the developement and manufacturing of commercial and residential glass products including tempered glass, glass table tops and shower doors.